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Motorola Saber R - NTN7058A - Batteri

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Motorola  NTN7058A  batteri - OEM

Her har vi et OEM batteri laget av  Panasonic celler.  Passer bl.a Motorola Saber R

Equivalent MOTOROLA part number
Suitable for use on these
two-way radio models
Specification options available for this battery pack
Voltage Chemistry mAh Capacity Cells Used
7.5 LI-ION 19001950 Sanyo UF103450P
7.5 LION   Panasonic CGA103450A
(Other cell options may be available- please enquire


The GLM-4588 is a hit with Public Safety and Law Enforcement Professionals. This mighty midget removes the weak link (an oversized, overweight battery pack) from the best digital radio ever made.
At only 2 this GL original battery is the shortest Astro Saber battery in existence- yet its Panasonic Li-ion cells pack over 1900mAh of capacity. Compare that to only 1700mAh rated capacity for its closest equivalent, the OEM Li-ion Saber battery-at nearly 1cm longer- or only 1500mAh for the standard OEM Ni-Cad battery, at over twice the length and weight. The GLM-4588 also retains the flared Saber Grip shape preferred by law enforcement professionals, which was not retained in the OEM Li-ion version- truly giving the user even better than the best of both worlds.
The GLM-4588 can be charged on standard later model tri-chem Saber chargers, including IMPRES models.






  • Modell: motorola-NTN7058A
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