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RF Limited EC2018-EXTREME

660.00 Kr

RF Limited EC2018-EXTREME

En spesiell mikrofon til walkie talkie / cb radio / 10-meter radio.  Den kan gjøre det meste, digital ekko mikrofon, digital robot stemme, stadion effekt, uendelig ekko, double talker osv.

CYBORG (Robotic Voice), STADIUM SOUND, ENDLESS ECHO, DOUBLE TALKER, WHAMMY SOUND EFFECTS, NOISE REDUCER, TALK BACK. External Echo Volume and Echo Delay Controls, Talk Back Volume Control, Output Volume Control.

CYBORG-Robotic Voice: Sound half man, half machine.
STADIUM SOUND: Having the booming sound of a stadium announcer.
ENDLESS ECHO: An unbelievable digital echo with a range from no echo to a never ending, repeating echo.
DOUBLED TALKER: Repeats everything you say...repeats everything you say. This could get annoying...this could get annoying. Good thing you can turn it off...good thing you can turn it off.
WHAMMY SOUND EFFECTS: Adjust the echo controls while transmitting to create the wildest sound effects.
NOISE REDUCER: Advanced noise reduction circuit discreases microphone sensitivity and reduces background noise, making sure they hear you and not your vehicle!
TALK BACK: Monitor your transmissions - know exactly what you sound like over the air.
ALSO: Echo controls on the outside of the microphone, so you are always in complete control, and the highest quality, and softest neoprene 6 conductor microphone cord.

  • Modell: RF-LTD-EC2018
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